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Massage Anyone?

December 22nd, 2016 • Posted by Lawrence Miller • Permalink

"Too many things to do and too little time to get it all done?" This is a great time to ward off stress and its effects on your body with a therapeutic and rejuvenating massage to address your specific needs and problem areas. There is nothing like a massage to refresh your body and spirit; it softens muscles and soothes nerves, releasing everyday stress and facilitating freedom of movement.

Our compassionate and experienced massage therapists have all graduated from state-certified schools. Each offers a unique style combining different techniques that include:

* Acupressure
* Sports Massage
* Deep Tissue Massage
* Lymphatic Drainage
* Trigger Point Therapy
* Swedish
* Reflexology

Call today to schedule your massage appointment: 530 345-0226.

Happy Holidays!!

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